Great Customer Experiences Don't Just Happen...

They Are Designed!

Improving Customer Experience

Doesn’t Have to be a Costly Endeavor

Use Existing Tools and Resources

To Design Experiences That Create Raving Fans

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Customer Experience
  • What is Customer Experience?
  • Why is Customer Experience important in today’s business world?
  • Customer Experiences begins before the sale
  • Designing Customer Experience to achieve desired outcomes
It’s More Than You Think

When considering Customer Experience, it’s important to understand that Customer Experience is more than the service and support experience. It’s more than the product and user experience.  It’s more than the purchase, contracting and installation experience.  Customer Experience actually begins before the sale of a product or service.

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Planning Your CX Initiative
  • Common mistakes when implementing a Customer Experience program or initiative
  • Identify the Customer Experience problem to be solved
  • Assess, Analyze, Categorize, Prioritize
  • Impact Analysis
Be Strategic and Keep It Simple

Without a clear problem to solve, it’s easy to try to “boil the ocean” and attempt to solve every problem. While every problem may be important and may need to be solved, “boiling the ocean” will slow and even halt progress. 

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Engage Employees and Customers
  • Gain buy-in and support from leadership and employees
  • Let them help define and prioritize the improvements
  • Let them help shape the measures of success
  • Let them name the project or initiative
  • Regularly communicate progress to customers and employees
Achieve Sustainable Results

Customer Experience equals Change Management, so implementing an improvement initiative requires a sincere desire and commitment to change from all levels of the organization. To be successful, thoroughly evaluate for change impacts to people, processes, and products. Create a rigorous change management plan that monitors and measures the change over a period of 1 year. Be agile and adjust your execution plan as needed.

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Effective Use of Tools and Resources
  • Voice of the Employee
  • Net Promoter Systems
  • Closing the Loop
  • Other Tools and Resources
Leveraging Your Resources

My perspective as a customer experience leader is that implementing and improving customer experience does not always have to be a costly venture.  There are many resources right in front of us that can make a big impact on customer experience.  We just need to understand how and when to use them to achieve maximum results.

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Join Me On A Journey to Customer Experience Improvement

In my blog and within the pages of this website, I share Customer Experience insights, concepts and fundamentals in easy-to-understand terms and then apply them to real life examples. My goal is to inspire you to begin “Designing The Difference” that turns your customers into raving, loyal fans who tell their friends, families and colleagues about your products and services. I hope you will comment on the blogs and share your knowledge and experience as well.

Great Customer Experiences Don’t Just Happen…

They Are Designed!

What do your customers feel currently? What do you want them to feel or experience? What do they want to experience? Don’t leave your customers’ experiences to chance. Design each touchpoint with purpose and intent so you create the right emotional connection with your customers.

Sometimes complex changes are needed to ensure a superior Customer Experience is delivered consistently, while other times the improvement is just tweaking a process or the words you use to communicate. A customer-centric culture must be in place before more sophisticated tools and technologies are implemented.

Regardless of the scope, all businesses can improve Customer Experience by


Shifting their focus to the needs of the customer


Listening to understand rather than to respond


Designing a meaningful experience which leaves no critical touchpoint to chance

Be sure to check out the video tools I’ve created as well as some helpful web links that will help you design meaningful, memorable experiences for your customers and employees.

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