From a customer perspective I want to be rewarded for my loyalty and I want it frequently… like every time I visit your store or purchase something from you.

For that reason I declare Panera as the winner of restaurant loyalty programs.  Why?  Every time visit I get something. Maybe it’s a free drink, dessert or pastry.  Or maybe it’s $1 or $2 of my order.

Now, maybe they don’t really give me something every time I visit, BUT that is my perception and perception is reality to the consumer.  The point is that I am not counting up any points or dollars or days.  Every time I visit I get something. I like that!

Rewarding my loyalty doesn’t have to be grandiose

A free iced tea is close to a $2 value.  That’s like 20% of my lunch tab.  I want to return to a store that appreciates my loyalty and the value I bring them as a consumer.  Every time I visit Panera I get something for being loyal.  I like that!

Of course the product has to be something I want and enjoy.  Fortunately, I like many of the dishes at Panera and the staff are always very friendly and engaging at the counter.

I also love the food at Qdoba – they have flavors I crave.  But with their loyalty program I have to visit 10 times and before I get a free entrée. If I save my receipt and fill out an online survey for them, I get free chips if I come back within a specific timeframe.  Why not give me free chips automatically?  Or a free drink?  A buck or two off my meal?  Don’t tie a reward to the survey.  In this case I will only go through the trouble of completing a survey if I have a complaint or was significantly “wow-ed” during the visit.

Don’t make me work to prove my loyalty to you

Don't make me work for your loyalty

Here is a tip for restaurants and stores…  Consumers hate to save receipts for the purpose of completing an online survey.  Why not put a kiosk in your dining room or store?  As we leave we can enter a code and complete an easy survey without a hassle.  We want to give you our feedback, but we want it to be a simple process. And we don’t want to have to remember to do it after we leave your building.

Zoe’s Kitchen also has a pretty cool loyalty program.  They have food and flavors I love and the staff is friendly and helpful.  Their loyalty program is managed by an app for your phone or tablet.  All I have to do is scan in my receipt using their app (and it’s super easy), upload it, answer 3 survey questions on the same page and I get something free the next time I visit.  Takes less than 2 minutes to complete and I can do it before I leave the restaurant. The freebie is still tied to deadline, but I could still get something free.

Okay, so freebies are nice.  I really like them.  But…

What really makes me feel valued as a customer and sparks my loyalty is simple:  KNOW ME 

Know me and appreciate meKnow what I need from your products and services, and know what I need from a relationship perspective.  Know what I value.  Know how I want to be treated.

If you want to reward me, reward me because I am standing in front of you buying your product or service right now.  If I love your products and keep buying them, just know it and appreciate me.  If I am entering your store for the first time, know it and reward it.

Instead of a loyalty program what if a restaurant, office supply or drug store, just declared every Wednesday as customer appreciation day and everything is 20% off?  Easy. Simple. No cards. No numbers. No counting. No waiting.

Your homework:

  • Are your customers happy with your loyalty program?
  • Is it easy to use?
  • Do your customers have to really work at proving their loyalty or do you work to know and understand your customers and their loyalty?
  • Is your customer loyalty program achieving its goals?
  • What are the goals of your loyalty program?
  • How do you know if and when your program is successful?

I want to know.  Let me know your thoughts, opinions, suggestions, etc.   Join me on this journey to Customer Experience improvement by subscribing to my blog “Designing The Difference” at

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