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In these I describe Customer Experience insights, concepts and fundamentals in easy-to-understand terms and then apply them to real life examples.  My goal is to inspire you to begin “Designing The Difference” that turns your customers into raving, loyal fans who tell their friends, families and colleagues about your products and services.  I hope you will comment on the blogs and share your knowledge and experience as well.

Customer Experience and Cancer?

Is it possible for healthcare providers to make "having cancer" a great experience for their customers or patients? How can something as frightful, painful and emotional as chemotherapy and radiation become a meaningful, life-saving experience? If a business can...

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Putting A Bow On Customer Service

One of the best ways to build trust and strengthen relationships with customers is to make sure every interaction adds value and meets their expectations. Each interaction should be like delivering a package or gift of experience. Wrap it up like the beautiful gift...

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Improve NPS Without Focusing On The Score

When used properly the Net Promoter System can a powerful engagement tool - for customers and employees alike. Sometimes we get so focused on the Net Promoter Score that we lose sight of the opportunities to improve our products, services, relationships, culture and...

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And The Winner Is…..Panera!

From a customer perspective I want to be rewarded for my loyalty and I want it frequently… like every time I visit your store or purchase something from you. For that reason I declare Panera as the winner of restaurant loyalty programs.  Why?  Every time visit I get...

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Embrace Your Inner Millennial

There are countless articles, blog posts, slideshares and books on Millennials telling us how to engage them, manage them, communicate with them, and relate to them. Heck, I’ve even wrote about them a year ago in my “Leveraging Millennials To Improve Customer...

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Multi-Tasking Is As Dangerous As Texting While Driving

This is the continuation of my previous post, "Multi-Tasking: Is It Helping or Hurting Customer Experience?". In that post I proposed that the currently practiced corporate-America definition of "multi-tasking" is drastically different than the classic, Webster's...

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Multi-Tasking: Is It Helping or Hurting Customer Experience?

Multi-tasking is defined by Webster's as "the performance of multiple tasks at one time". I think moms and dads who stay at home with their children and take care of the household are probably the best multi-taskers around. During my time of unemployment I have been...

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Customer Experience: Take Action!

Last week, Customer Experience Professionals all over the world celebrated "Customer Experience Day" or "CX DAY". This special day of recognition was started by the Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA) of which I am a member. As we gathered in local...

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Listening to Understand

Have you ever called a support center to get help with problem with your cable service or anti-virus software and found yourself saying the same thing over and over but getting no results? Or maybe you contacted your mobile phone service provider to ask some...

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You Deserve A Break Today

So get up and get away to…. Wait!  Hold everything.  McDonald’s is now dead last in customer satisfaction ratings?   Click here for NBC News article based on the latest info from the American Customer Satisfaction Index. What happened?  The “You Deserve A Break Today”...

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